Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Dear God,~~

Dear God,
I am sorry not to take the path You made
My forgiveness to obey the spoke You whisper
My apologized to ignore Your prohibition
I am sorry to travel alone without Your guide
Dear God,
Maybe I am to proud to myself
My confidence to choose all my path alone
This greed that wanting more than I need
Now I am lost in the middle of nowhere
Stand between the dark cold scary valley
This darkness makes me loose my sight
The fog does not allowed me to see the light
Dear God,
Slowly my conscious turn to madness
This eyes getting blurry and shaded
The sound of nature fading away I can not hear
My body is numb I can not even stand
Dear God,
I know I just a sinner
Disgrace my self with all my sins
Throw away your blessing grace
Now I just turn into something I am not
Dear God,
Please take my soul away
To take Your undying conviction
I do not deserve to live this life no more


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